Ringed Harriers

Harriers travel across the length of India and the Asian continent. A picture of a ringed harrier is a wonderful source of information to document harrier migration.

The harrier migration study has been initiated by ATREE, Bangalore to understand the complete life cycle of harriers wintering in India. As part of this project, to record their movements, we have marked harriers with white leg rings to record re-sightings by birdwatchers, photographers and naturalists.

The birds are banded by white leg bands with red lettering as I01, I02, …etc. We would be very grateful if you could inform us about sightings of the colour banded harriers. Your help will be duly acknowledged. For more details please contact us on the below mentioned phone numbers and email id.

Please SMS / WhatsApp 9845467525 / 9995893598 / 9900220107; Email- harrier@atree.org

a ringed juvenile Montagu's Harrier

a ringed male Montagu's harrier