Eastern Marsh Harrier

The Eastern Marsh Harrier is the least common of all the harriers wintering in India and are mostly found in the North-Eastern parts of the subcontinent. This harrier was earlier treated as the eastern race of the Marsh harrier. Thus, the ecology of the bird is quite similar to that of the western marsh harrier.

Breeding and migration

The breeding range covers north-east China, Mongolia and south-east Siberia with small numbers in northern Japan. The range of this bird overlaps with western marsh harrier around Lake Baikal and interbreeding has taken place.

The wintering range includes southern China, Taiwan, Korea, southern Japan, north-east India, Bangladesh and South-east Asia as far south as the Philippines, Borneo and Sumatra. Large numbers of birds migrate along the Chinese coast with thousands passing through sites like Beidaihe during the autumn.


Winter migrant to Northeastern India. Usually found near water, marshes and streams.


The diet of the Eastern Marsh Harrier is not well known particularly in the wintering quarters, but is speculated to be quite similar to that of the Western marsh Harrier.