Field sites

A few harrier wintering sites have been monitored over the last five years. Many more potential areas where harriers occurfrequently are undocumented. Enthusiasts who wish to monitor harrier wintering areas can help us know more about the harriers

Field sites

Some of the harrier wintering sites across India have been monitored by us over the last five years (2015-2020). Harrier occurrence and abundance during autumn & spring migration periods, and the peak of winter have been documented. Harrier diet availablity has been assessed by collecting harrier pellets, grasshopper abundance surveys and sampling bird counts.

The sites are are spread in and around - Tal Chhapar (Rajasthan), Velavadhar (Gujarat), Nannaj(Maharashtra), Rollapadu (Andhra Pradesh), Hessarghatta (Bangalore), Tirunelveli & Thoothukudi districts (Tamilnadu).

Potential areas

Birdwatchers, naturalists and enthusiasts who wish to monitor a harrier wintering area may do so by regularly visiting the place and following simple protcolos. One may choose to walk around, drive, or count harriers from a chosen spot over a short duration. Such counts may be shared on online portals or forums. Volunteers are welcome to mail us for more information on harrier monitoring . A few potential across the country areas are marked in the maps below (icons and grids / blocks).

Counting: Harriers species and their numbers may be counted while walking, hiking, riding, driving or prefereably from a stationary point, over short durations of 10 mins to an hour.