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Tal Chhapar grassland in Churu district of Rajasthan, a wintering site for migrant harriers

Nannaj Bustard Sanctuary, in Solapur, Maharashtra, another wintering site for harriers

Rollapadu Bustard Sanctuary in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, where large congregations of harriers were recorded in the 1990s

Velavadhar (BBNP) in Gujarat, is home to one of the largest congregations of harriers in the world

Harriers in the grazing lands of Tamilnadu. Paruthipadu, Tirunelveli district

Harriers hunt for prey while flying low over tall and short grass patches

Availability of grasslands and savannas are critcial to their existence particularly in the wintering areas

Grasshoppers form an abundant food resource for Montagu's harriers in India

Harriers tease apart the wings and legs of grasshoppers before consuming them

Migrant and resident Larks are an important food resource for Pallid Harriers

Small ground dwelling birds such as Pipits are prey for harriers

Harrier are unique in their habits as they roost in grass clumps and rarely take to trees

Loss of vast grasslands due to burning may affect the long term sustenance of harrier populations

Grasslands are cleared due to developmental pressures such as solar farms which may affect harrier populations

Vast open patches in arid areas are cleared to accomodate industries and will push harrier populations to look for new areas

Intensive pestcide contamination in crops may negativley affect harriers since they prey on insects in cropland

Harriers feed in young jowar and pigeon pea fields during certain stages of the crop

Dead harriers may be a sign of pestcide contamination from the food chain and often needs to be investigated

Indian Fox is one of the larger predators that prey on harriers

Grasslands and savannahs are home to unique bidoversity such as the endangered Indian Wolf

The road to conserving grasslands often remain bleak and one can play a small role in identifying the problems

Harrier pellets can be dissected and analyzed to learn more about their diet

Photos of harriers with prey can be useful to analyze harrier diet. Write to us:

Ringed harriers can help us study harrier migration. Let us know if you spot them: